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I assure my clients of complete clarity in my professional SEO services, and I stand by my word. This extensive page provides an overview of the process I follow with each of our clients, so you can decide in advance if I am delivering everything that you require. You will find numerous services listed in this process, and I elaborate on many of them in my services section. Please contact me if you have questions. I will gladly discuss my services with you in detail.


The way I work for my clients

My Working Process

SEO is a competitive field, so don’t feel isolated. You’re up against other businesses targeting the same market. Chasing after your competitors’ established positions in specific keywords can be a waste of time and money. However, you can achieve an advantage by exploring their powers and drawbacks , discovering possibilities they may have overlooked. That’s why it’s vital to begin with a comprehensive competitive analysis before crafting your SEO strategy. In studying your competitors, I can identify areas where they excel and pick new strategies.

After assessing your SEO rankings and analyzing competitors, it’s essential to conduct a comprehensive technical audit of your website’s performance.

Is your website optimized for search engines?
Complying with search engine best practices is crucial, but many businesses overlook or struggle with them. I ensure your website has a strong online foundation and conduct thorough analysis to ensure every aspect works in your favor.

Does your website offer a user-friendly experience?
Alongside search engine optimization, I focus on enhancing navigation, layout, and link functionality. I ensure your users enjoy seamless browsing and a pleasant overall experience.

Keyword research is one of the most important parts of my strategy process but is often overlooked. Many people select keywords aimlessly, assuming generic choices like “Dhaka cloth store” are ideal. However, true keyword researchers explore the terms people use to find products or services like yours, considering search volume, competition, and relevance. Through thorough analysis, I find the best-targeted keywords that align with your business objectives. By optimizing for these carefully selected keywords, I’ll improve your chances of ranking higher in search results and attracting relevant traffic, leading to enhanced visibility and better business prospects.

Unlock your website’s potential with keyword optimization. My SEO process involves meticulous research and strategic selection of relevant keywords. By incorporating these keywords into your content and meta tags, I enhance your visibility and attract targeted traffic. Let me help you reach your goals by creating a killer online presence.

Optimizing website architecture involves enhancing the internal linking structure, URL structure, website design, and HTML code. It ensures smooth navigation for both users and search engines, thereby augmenting page visibility and rankings. This optimization assists in content indexing, improves keyword relevance, increases website authority, and boosts conversion rates. The process of website architecture optimization plays a critical role in enhancing the overall user experience and search engine friendliness of a website.

Although keyword tags are no longer relevant for search engines, optimizing metadata remains highly valuable. Title tags continue to hold a significant influence on search engine rankings, and optimized description tags can enhance click-through rates substantially. As part of my service, I will create new, search-engine-optimized title tags and compelling description meta tags, which can maximize click-through rates. Using the strategies I’ve outlined, I can increase the visibility and engagement of your website.

A natural and ethical way to build links:

By using white hat SEO, I earn links for any website ethically and naturally that is approved by search engines. I prioritize creating high-quality content that drives social media and influential website sharing. Additionally, I offer various natural link-building services, such as blog writing, social media profile building, infographic creation and promotion, broken link building, and optimized press release distribution on authoritative sites.

The importance of earning high-quality links:

To achieve front-page rankings, it’s crucial to secure inbound links from highly ranked websites. These links validate your business and gain search engines’ trust. Building links is a long-term strategy that follows content development. The key is to create valuable and informative content that compels influential websites, bloggers, and journalists to link to your site. By writing original, relevant content for your site, I’ll increase its credibility and bring you positive attention. Building links takes time and patience, so it can be tempting to hire someone who promises instant results.

Don’t panic if google has panalized your website. Many businesses unknowingly engage in “black hat” practices, resulting in penalties. I’ll conduct a thorough analysis of your log files to identify any sudden drops in website visitors, which could be attributed to search engine penalties or algorithm updates like Panda, Hummingbird, or Penguin. Once identified, I’ll create a comprehensive plan to address the problematic areas and eliminate any elements that hinder your website’s optimization. I’ll fix the problem and get your website working efficiently again.

As an SEO expert, I ensure that working with me is worthwhile. I provide transparent, comprehensive reports throughout the process, showcasing measurable ROI improvements from each new strategy. You’ll have full visibility into my progress and can provide feedback on how to proceed based on the numbers. Starting with detailed website analysis, I’ll highlight your site’s strengths and weaknesses compared to competitors. Monthly search engine ranking and analysis reports will enable you to monitor KPIs and track ranking improvements. My commitment to transparency means I’m always available to explain any part of the reports, prioritizing your satisfaction.

What Are the Benefits of High-Quality Content?

Optimizing your code, keywords, and website design is important, but without exceptional content, it all loses its impact. Just like a stunning architectural marvel with a trash-filled interior, your website needs compelling, original, and keyword-rich content. I’ll ensure that your perfectly-designed exterior leads to engaging information that keeps visitors coming back. Your site’s ranking will improve if visitors enjoy their time on it. Quality content development gives them a reason to stay and even make purchases. Don’t overlook the power of captivating content in driving success for your website.

Why You Should Care About Your Page Speed?

  • Enhances the user experience.
  • Boost conversion rates.
  • Lowers bounce rates.
  • Elevates search engine rankings.

When I optimize your code, spiders index your content quickly, improving page loading speed for users. This greatly enhances your site’s authority, as search engines penalize slow sites. Slow-loading sites lead to user frustration and a potential 30% decrease in conversions and revenues. I analyze server settings, JavaScript, CSS, images, content, and HTML to enhance page speed performance. This pleases search engines, boosts user retention and conversions, reduces bounce rates, and ensures excellent customer satisfaction. Experience the benefits of a fast-loading website that drives success.

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